/ GSA IT Schedule 70

GSA IT Schedule 70 Overview

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70 is a typically 5-year contract awarded to outstanding technology vendors that have been thoroughly vetted in regards to offering fair and reasonable prices while also being in compliance with all applicable Government laws and regulations. Having such a contract allows both the awarded vendor and purchasing agencies the ability to curtail administrative costs as well as delays imposed by navigating the hurdles of regulation. Once on the Schedule 70 contract, in brief, a technology vendor is on the shortlist when it comes to doing business with the Government

Enquizit has the fortune of having entered a Schedule 70 contract itself.

Contract number: 47QTCA20D00FE
SINS: 518210C and 54151S
Period of performance: September 22, 2025
Contact: Thiruchelvan Ratnapuri
Email: TC@enquizit.com
Phone: 703-918-4954
DUNS: 018637008 | CAGE code: 68LC2
Link: GSA IT Schedule 70 Enquizit Inc

Enquizit provides cloud migration services and software development combined with operational optimization, known as DevOps, as well as system optimization and software modernization, to deliver custom solutions in and outside of the cloud. Being selected by the GSA for a Schedule 70 contract will make it significantly easier for Government agencies to solicit Enquizit’s unique services and technologies without the traditional obstacles involved in the procurement process.