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Our services

During our engagements, we deliver robust & secure mission focused solutions along with delivery, governance, and management frameworks through the following core services:

- Adoption Strategy and Framework.

- Architecture and Governance.

- Migration and Managed Services.

- DevOps Automation.

-AWS Resale.

- Mission Critical Applications.

- Agile and Open Source.

- Containerized and Serverless Systems.

- AI, Machine Learning and IOT Solutions.

- API Development and Microservices.

- PMO Services.

- Agile Coaching.

- Enterprise Integration Patterns.

- ITIL Strategy and Transformation.

Packaged Solutions

Enquizit focuses on providing innovative technology solutions to complicated business challenges. Our success is our ability to understand customer objectives and provide optimal solutions by blending the right technology with resources. We offer several acceleration packages that enable our customers to easily and quickly migrate to the cloud. They enable significant cost savings by optimizing use of services and provide a more robust data protection environment.


A governance and migration framework employing new cloud initiatives. SkyMap analyses business needs and provides a custom blueprint to leverage the cloud. We focus on Growth, Productivity and Resilience.

Cloud Factory

A "Quick-to-the-Cloud" migration package based on a block level replication model. Quick to setup, non-intrusive with near-zero downtime. Low-cost trial packages available.

Cloud Managed Service

A service preforming routine ongoing maintenance tasks on your cloud infrastructure.  Activities covered by this service include Inventory & Documentation, 24x7 Monitoring, Patch Management, Backup and DR.