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Cloud Migration Services


Enquizit specializes in mass cloud migrations and optimizations to AWS. Our strong technical capabilities combined with our in-depth understanding of cloud migrations have allowed us to develop a unique tool named Skymap™ that can help manage migration projects.   Skymap™ is our flagship cloud migration framework that uses AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine optimized migration paths with less risk.


Skymap™ keeps migration teams in sync by identifying gaps in the data, collecting feedback from both application owners and technology teams, and ensuring real-time visibility of progress and trouble-spots.  This unique tool allows Enquizit to repeatedly deliver large-scale AWS migrations successfully on-time and within budget.


Enquizit is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Authorized Reseller, Trusted Government Partner, and Advanced Consulting Partner, with Migration, DevOps, Government, Nonprofit, and Education Competencies. Enquizit and AWS Professional Services operate collaboratively and seamlessly as a single unit to provide comprehensive cloud-oriented solutions.

Cloud Adoption Strategy:

Enquizit can assist your organization design and implement a robust cloud migration strategy that is aligned closely with your business goals and objectives.  We assess your current state of infrastructure, cloud readiness and develop a roadmap while considering business, operational, security and industry compliance factors. Our approach is aligned with Amazon’s CAF and can drive significant change.

Architecture and Governance:

Enquizit can work closely with your organization to develop an end state architecture optimized for security, reliability, performance, cost optimization, and operational excellence.  Industry drivers, industry best practices, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization will be some of the core parameters driving the architecture.  Our proven governance model results in standardization of corporate and security infrastructure policies.


We assist clients to seamlessly migrate on-premise workloads to the Cloud with the flexibility to right size their server instances at a lower cost without compromising on security or performance.  We migrate workloads using end-to-end automation while implementing tight security controls, monitoring & logging components, standardized backup protocols, load balancing and Auto Scaling capabilities.

Managed Service:

Enquizit’s Managed Services provides ongoing routine management of cloud infrastructure.  Enquizit provides three tiers of services to accommodate varying needs of customers.  Services included in our management plan are:

  • Event/Incident notification.
  • Logging and management of activities.
  • Security and OS patching.
  • Installation of monitoring techniques, and tools, if needed
  • Proactive monitoring of the environment
  • Reporting for customer on activities
  • Emergency Response
  • Change requests
  • Backup & Restore


DevOps practice at Enquizit can ensure success by deploying repeatable and automated processes based on a seasoned DevOps framework.  Through focused short and medium term engagements, we enable fluid feature releases while maintaining the compliance and security demanded by our clients.  Our DevOps competency consists of following three broad services:

Traditional DevOps:

We design and implement fully automated deployment of enterprise applications on a compliant architecture through new age approaches and concepts such as:

  • Agile Integration and automation
  • Automated QA
  • Code repository management and replication
  • Non-disruptive code release


CloudOps services guide customers from initial design to operational readiness.  This includes core tasks such as:

  • Cost Optimization through Standardized Image Builds and Transparent scaling
  • Business Resilience through detailed Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Enhanced Security, Scalability and Availability


SecOps offering focuses on security vulnerabilities introduced by the new age approaches such as agile and continuous delivery. Key tasks enabling enhanced security for our customers include:

  • Compliance through desired configuration baseline maintenance
  • Patrol and report drift from the desired configuration
  • Log Correlation and Centralized Analysis
  • Deploy and maintain Web Application Firewalls