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Enquizit worked with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Professional Services team to build a mobile application on the Apple iOS platform that provided additional features and capabilities compared to an existing Android application for The White House Historical Association (WHHA). Enquizit and AWS Professional Services also provided educational tools for use by the White House and schools.

Initial State

The WHHA maintained a mobile application for Android and desired to have one created for use on the Apple iOS platform. The application allowed users to take selfies (self-photographs) that would be compared against pictures of presidents in a database. The user would be told what U.S. president he or she resembled the most.
WHHA also had an educational tool in the form of a questionnaire bot. The bot would be posed questions by users who would have an answer returned.

Enquizit’s Solution

AWS Professional Services and Enquizit delivered the requested iOS application with an enhanced set of features and capabilities compared to the Android version, including the ability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi as well as a mobile network, and to upload pictures. Capitalizing on the ability to upload pictures, a feature was built into the application that allowed users to compare stored pictures of themselves and others to a database of president images to determine the closest match. The Android application was subsequently modified to mirror the more capable iOS version.
The questionnaire bot was re-envisioned. It now provides an interactive quiz to users that presents questions about the president and first lady.


No significant technical or business challenges were experienced.


The WHAA now has a new fun and educational set of applications for the iOS platform that incorporate Amazon’s artificial intelligence/machine learning products. The original Android application is enhanced now to incorporate additional capabilities and features.

Tools and Technologies

Amazon Machine Learning products including:

Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Lex

Amazon Polly

Amazon Rekognition


White House Historical Association

Project Title:


Project Duration:

December 2017 ¬– February 2018

Prime and Partners

Prime: AWS Professional Services
Partners: Enquizit


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