WinWin is a non-profit organization that strives to facilitate collaboration among socially-responsible entities that provide benefits to the needy. The organization is staffed primarily by geographically dispersed interns and volunteers. They, however, were working without the modern technology needed to realize the vision of joining resource providers in order to more effectively and efficiently distribute provisions.

Initial State

Initially, WinWin’s foundational artifact was a spreadsheet that included names, offerings, and contact information of altruistic organizations. When the work day was over, the spreadsheet was sent to another time zone for updates, where the work day was still in session. The lack of web presence and technology to facilitate efficient collaboration between staff and potential partner organizations inhibited progress toward mission goals.

Enquizit’s Solution

Enquizit developed a proof of concept website for WinWin that provides the collaborative capability and the web presence the organization was missing. The website provides a search feature by which potential benefactors and volunteers may obtain information on services, eligibility requirements, location, hours of operation and all the other details that were previously maintained in a difficult to access spreadsheet. The location data is now presented graphically as well as textually with the use of a map feature. The website was created with a forthcoming mobile application in mind. That considered, the capabilities were built in such a way that porting to a mobile platform would not mean significant degradation.


The technical vision of organizational leadership needed to be revised. The first proposed future-state was a wiki-model that would allow anyone to enter information on the WinWin site. Enquizit worked with leadership to revise that notion and create a platform that is more secure, formulaic, controlled and promotes oversight and accountability.


WinWin staff are now visible to those organizations that they hope to work with. The data they maintain is now accessible to those who would benefit from it, promoting efficiency in the provisioning of benefits and the de-duplication of efforts (e.g., if seven organizations are providing free breakfast to underprivileged school children in the same city, they can now see each other on WinWin’s website and may be encouraged to join forces to reduce overhead and expand offerings). Transparency was created among staff and better collaborative, transferable, future-ready technology was implemented.

Tools and Technologies:

Elasticsearch service, EC2, AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), Amazon EBS, S3, Glacier, CloudWatch, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Amazon Simple Que Service (SQS), Postgres, Amazon CloudFront, Node.js, Express.js, React, Bootstrap, Google Maps, SearchKit, Jasmine, Karma




Non-Profit, Philanthropy

Project Title:


Project Duration:

September 2017 – January 2017

“ This began from a technical conversation that moved into a social-business project. We became a true partner to this leadership, aligning our vision and working toward achieving a socially responsible goal. “

– M. Asim Iqbal

Prime and Partners:

Enquizit (Prime)


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